Immunotherapy with dendritic cells

The ability to fight cancer using one‘s own immune system has been a great dream of medical scientists for centuries. The detection of the immunotherapy by dendritic cells in the late 90s has brought this dream considerably closer to reality. The „father of modern immunotherapy“ Professor Ralph Steinmann was therefor awarded the Nobel prize for medicine in 2011 - the highest honor achievable for a scientist. Countless research and treatment facilities worldwide increasingly turn toward the dendritic cell therapy, more than 7,000 dissertations have been published on this topic and in some modern nations, like the USA, this therapy is already approved. The Cabion Technologies GmbH, which was founded in 2002, was taken over by LDG maintaining the responsible team, and is able to look back on over 2,500 successfully implemented therapies with LANEX-DC®. On behalf of our entire team, I wish you all the best for your treatment.

Frank Gansauge
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What is cancer?

Every organism consists of a harmonic structure of cells, each of which has a specific function at a specific location.

Cancer develops when any given cell in the body escapes the strict control of growth, size and mobility, begins to multiply uncontrolled and produces offspring that can invade surrounding tissues. This invasion stage may be followed by the formation of metastases when the malignant cells spread through the lymphatic system and the blood stream.

About one hundred different types of cancer are known in humans, and all are different from one another regarding, for instance, the average age at which they appear, the growth rate and the tendency to metastasize.

Besides, today many factors are known that play a role in the development of cancer, and many more factors are at least suspected of contributing to the emergence of cancer.

Therefore, it is rather questionable whether a single main cause for the development of cancer will ever be identified, although there may certainly exist general mechanisms leading up to this disease.
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The effectiveness
of a dendritic cell therapy

Who can benefit from treatment with dendritic cells?

Bild MirkroskopUntil now, the effectiveness of a treatment with dendritic cells could be proven in the case of skin, kidney, breast, pancreatic and prostate cancer.

Even patients with colon or ovarian cancer benefited from treatment with dendritic cells.

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Cancer and
the immune system

Can the immune system protect from cancer?

BildThe immune system is our body‘s own defense against harmful pathogens, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, but also against cells that have degenerated and divide uncontrolled.

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Dendritic cells:
The therapy‘s principle

BildPrecursor cells that have the potential of becoming dendritic cells can be isolated from the blood by a special procedure. Certain messenger substances, to which the cells are exposed in a culture dish, promote this capability.

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A long-cherished dream of mankind

Dendritic cells can also be grown ex vivo

How are dendritic cells produced?

For the purpose of isolating dendritic precursor cells, 200 ml of blood is drawn from the patient, transported under stable temperature conditions and processed immediately in a clean room certified according to EU GMP directives.

Treatment with dendritic cells is a gentle treatment?

The vaccination with dendritic cells is rather a supplementary treatment in connection with standard therapies.

What kind of side effects can occur as part of this treatment?

Even though the body‘s own cells are used in this treatment, side effects can occur.